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Winterset Kitchen, Laundry & Mudroom Renovation Before & After

In this post, we’re sharing all of the details and before and after  photos of our Winterset kitchen, laundry, and mudroom renovation. Their home is 30 minutes southwest of the Des Moines metro area in a rural area of Winterset (Madison County). It sits on a beautiful piece of property with expansive views of tree covered hills and open fields.

The Clients

Our clients are warm, engaging, and passionate about their property and associated hobbies like beekeeping and gardening. They have two little girls and two lovable dogs. They spend quite a bit of time at home being together and hosting their friends and family.

When we first met, their kitchen did not reflect their dynamic personalities or style, nor did it meet their needs for both cooking and entertaining. Their mudroom and laundry room were shoehorned into their very tight back entry from the garage, like so many homes built in the late 80’s and 90’s.

The clients wanted to create a more open kitchen that incorporated their love of color and natural materials as well as a functioning laundry room and mudroom. They liked a mix of styles and leaned towards classic forms with a mix of vintage inspired and more modern elements.

Before Layout & Photos

The ranch style home featured a very typical floor plan, but its construction made it unique. Engineered with scissor trusses, none of the interior walls were load bearing. This structure gave us free rein to reconfigure the kitchen and adjacent hallway to create a more functional layout.

Our client used an unfinished garage space as a workshop and storage area, and he was open to capturing that space for a new laundry room and mudroom.

Floor Plan Before

The Kitchen

The U-shaped kitchen did not have a bad overall space plan, but it lacked room for the island and other design features that our clients desired.

A work triangle was definitely present with the range on the center, the sink looking out a double casement window to the deck, and the fridge on the opposite side.

The living room ceiling was vaulted with two areas in the entry dropped down, one of which included space the adjacent office. A hallway, visible the photo below, led back to the garage entry and laundry room.

Kitchen Before
Kitchen Before
Kitchen Before - Looking Towards the Office Door
Hall / Entry Before with Kitchen Visible on Right

The Laundry Room

The laundry room and mudroom shared the same space directly off the garage. The “mudroom” consisted of a small closet, and the laundry area didn’t have any countertop for folding although it did have some storage via the wall cabinets. It didn’t get any natural light and felt very cramped from the closet jutting into the space. The last photo shows the unfinished utility space off the garage that ran behind the existing laundry and kitchen.

Hall Before - Looking Towards the Laundry
Laundry Room Before
Utility Space off Garage Before

Creating a New Layout

Our clients love cooking and entertaining, so they wanted a more open plan kitchen with an island and a dining table. By capturing the space from the adjacent hallway and existing mudroom / laundry room, we were able to create enough room in the kitchen for a 5′ x 5′ island.

With the hallway gone, the office opened directly into the dining area. We proposed adding glass French doors to the office so that the house would get light from both sides of the house. 

Reconfigured Floor Plan After

We split the Utility space in the garage into a laundry room and a mudroom with lockers and a drop zone. Whenever possible, we try to maximize windows, and the number of directions from which a space receives natural light.

We added windows in both spaces to keep them feeling light and airy. The mudroom window faces South, and even that small bit of light through the pocket door, can benefit the kitchen throughout the day.

Chief Architect kitchen renovation rendering standard style with linework grayscale
Kitchen Renovation Rendering

We kept the basic U-shaped kitchen layout the same with the sink centered under the window and the range as the primary focal point. A larger window over the sink with a fixed center pane provides an unobstructed view of their backyard. We kept the sliding door in place to avoid more siding work, which preserved room for an eat-in dining table and chairs.

Chief Architect kitchen renovation rendering standard style with linework grayscale
Conceptual Kitchen Renovation Rendering

We completely designed all of the new cabinetry and built-in lockers from scratch and commissioned them from a local cabinetmaker. By designing the cabinetry ourselves and using a custom cabinet shop, we were able to avoid costly delays during the height of the pandemic.

Designing the custom cabinetry ourselves also allows us to thoughtfully consider every dimension and feature of the kitchen to give our clients exactly what they need both functionally and aesthetically. These 3D renderings help both us and our clients visualize the space before anything is ever built.

The Kitchen Renovation After Photos

Our clients are not afraid of color and gravitate towards a palette of blues and greens for their home. We incorporated their love of color by proposing a rich moody green for the kitchen perimeter cabinetry – Sherwin-Williams Mountain Pass. To offset the dark cabinetry, we paired it with marble look quartz and crackle finish subway tile in a creamy off white. 

SW 9655 Mountain Pass Cabinetry kitchen renovation
Shewrin-Williams Mountain Pass Cabinetry with GE Café Appliace in Matte White / Photo by Lauren Konrad

The floors are a wide plank, white oak, engineered wood. We ran them throughout the kitchen and into the living room, entry and adjacent bedroom hallway. They instantly brightened up the entire home.

The new baseboards and trim received a fresh coat of creamy white paint, and the walls are just a shade deeper for a tone on tone look that lets the cabinetry take center stage.

Sherwin-Williams Mountain Pass cabinetry style hood

We selected GE Café appliances in matte white with bronze handles to contrast the dark cabinets and coordinate with the white tops and trim. The plumbing fixtures and wall sconces are antiqued brass. For the cabinet hardware, we chose matte black for contrast and a slight industrial edge.

green kitchen cabinetry white oak floors

The square island incorporates plenty of good storage, including a mixer cabinet, and seating for three. It was crafted from natural white oak with a matte finish to accentuate the lovely grain and character of the wood. We used the same white oak on the bench top in the mudroom and on the shelves in the glass front cabinet.

square white oak island with marble look quartz countertops
SW 9655 Mountain Pass kitchen cabinets
A Workstation Sink by Kraus Paired with a Brass Delta Faucet / Photo by Lauren Konrad
Corner Cabinet Appliance Garage, White GE Café Dishwasher with Bronze Handle, Dark Green Cabinets
Matte White GE Café Dishwasher with Bronze Handle / Photo by Lauren Konrad

A pull-out waste and recycling center flanks the workstation sink by Krause on the left and the Café dishwasher on the right. In the corner, we designed an appliance garage with a door to keep the blender and toaster tucked away and out of sight. Vintage style brass sconces with glass shades from Rejuvenation provide task lighting at the sink.

natural white oak kitchen island white quartz countertop

This side of the island features large deep drawers for storing cookware, dishes, cutlery, and tupperware. The clients selected a low profile induction cooktop which allows for deep drawers underneath where they store their pots and pans.

ge cafe white refrigerator dark green cabinets coffee bar in cabinet
Matte Whte GE Café Refrigerator Flanked by Custom Pantry Cabinets / Photo by Lauren Konrad

Along the far wall of the kitchen, we created a tall wall of storage that is fully accessible and convenient to the main work areas but also out of the way.

The oven and microwave and kitchen all live on this wall with a tall pantry cabinet, deep uppers cabinetry, and a custom coffee bar cabinet. The bottom of the coffee bar features fully functional drawers for even more storage. 

cabinet coffee station pull-out shelf pot filler pocket doors
Custom Coffee Bar Cabinet with a Pull-Out Tray behind Pocket Doors / Photo by Lauren Konrad

The coffee maker, teapot and other accessories sit on a pull-out shelf for easy access and cleaning behind pocket doors. Inside the coffee book, the cabinet maker added a shallow white oak shelf for cups and other items.

The brass pot filler makes filling the kettle a breeze, eliminating a trip to the sink. This cabinet is right next to the office, making it incredibly easy to pop out for a fresh cup while working from home.

engineered white oak floor white oak island white quartz
View to the Mudroom from the Kitchen / Photo by Lauren Konrad
Tabletop Styling by Morris Lare / Photo by Lauren Konrad

The Brand New Laundry & Mudroom

With two little girls, two dogs and a cat plus a variety of hobbies including houseplants, beekeeping, and baking (among others), the mudroom and laundry room needed to be high functioning, incorporate a ton of storage, and provide surface area for various activities. 

Drop Zone with Custom Litter Box Cabinet & Dog Food Storage / Photo by Lauren Konrad

When the family enters from the garage, a view straight through the pocket door out the window to their property beyond welcomes them. New windows in both the laundry and mudroom helps those spaces feel larger and pleasant to be in.

Mudroom and Laundry Room Renovation designed by Morris Lare Interior Design with white cabinets, oak bench top, and ceramic tile floor
View from Mudroom to Laundry Room / Photo by Lauren Konrad

In the mudroom, the drop zone on the left includes a cabinet for the cat’s litter box, accessible through a custom door on the side.

The cabinet on the right is a pull-out waste cabinet converted to hold dog food. Not pictured, we added a little pot filler near the floor in the corner by the door to fill the dogs’ water bowl.

mudroom lockers shiplap white oak bench top painted white brass hooks
Custom Mudroom Lockers with Window and White Oak Bench Top / Photo by Lauren Konrad
Mudroom & Laundry Room Connected by a Pocket Door / Photo by Lauren Konrad

This custom locker bench perfectly suits the family of four with taller cubbies for mom and dad and shorter cubbies for the girls. We were able to add the window by lowering the center section and adding a shelf for extra storage (or house plants that crave a southern exposure).

Durable ceramic flooring covers the floor. We chose a tile with worn edges in a limestone look to mask dust and paw prints and laid it in a Versailles pattern to add a sense of movement and variety.

white and black laundry room chrome faucet brass hardware
White Shaker Laundry Room with Black Quartz Countertops / Photo by Lauren Konrad

We designed the laundry with a U-shaped layout so we could max out our countertop space and storage. The large sink looks out over the back yard. On the right, another window brings in more sunlight throughout the day.  Not pictured, we included a wide full-height utility cabinet for storing the vacuum, mops, and brooms.

u layout laundry room white cabinets black countertop gray tile floor versailles pattern morris lare interior design
Open Shelves above the Laundry Provide More Storage Space / Photo by Lauren Konrad
white and black laundry room chrome faucet brass hardware
White Shaker Laundry Room with Black Quartz Countertops / Photo by Lauren Konrad

We hope you enjoyed this deep dive into the kitchen, laundry, and mudroom renovation of our Winterset project. The combination of colors, materials, textures, and vintage modern elements infuses this house with character and charm. We hope our clients enjoy it for many years to come.

For additional photos and information, please visit this project’s portfolio page.

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