Strategy Session

Your Vision, Our Expertise

Dive into an immersive design experience tailored just for you. At Morris Lare, we understand that every space has a story waiting to unfold. Whether you’re ready to kick off a full-scale renovation or seeking to infuse fresh life into an existing room, our two-hour Strategy Session is your key to unlocking expert insights, innovative ideas, and actionable advice.

Let’s collaborate, envision, and transform your design dreams into tangible realities. Our experienced designers will guide you through this exciting journey towards creating spaces that resonate with your unique style and aspirations.

What is the Strategy Session?

In our two-hour Strategy Session, we bring our design expertise right to your table, whether that’s in the comfort of your home, our inspiring Valley Junction design studio, or even a local showroom. And for those a bit farther away or who prefer the convenience, we offer these sessions virtually via Zoom.

Who is it for?

If you’re itching to change up your space but don’t quite know where to start or need some expert advice on specific details, this session was created just for you. It’s perfect for someone who is looking for:

  • A touch of professional advice to solidify their vision.
  • Expert insight on finishes, materials, or arrangements without the commitment of a full project.
  • The ability to work with a design professional but execute on their own timeline.

How much does it cost?

The base cost for our Strategy Session is $650. Strategy Sessions that are located more than 15 miles from our West Des Moines studio will incur an additional travel fee (based on distance and travel time).

How can you use a Strategy Session?

Your home, your rules! Here are just a few ways this session can benefit you:

Kitchen Clarity: Let’s review those showroom cabinetry plans and ensure your new kitchen is optimized for both function and aesthetics.

Future Renovation Roadmaps: Brainstorm and plan your next home project with us, setting the foundation for success.

Finishing Touches: If you’ve already made some choices but need reassurance, let’s discuss your selected finishes or materials.

Furniture Facelift: Get expert advice on optimizing your current furnishings or choosing new pieces that elevate your spaces.

Paint Perfection: Deciding between hues? We’ll help you pick the perfect palette for up to three rooms.

Note: To ensure in-depth attention and quality, this session focuses on no more than three spaces in your home.

Why choose Morris Lare?

Your home deserves nothing less than the best. Our Strategy Session isn’t just another generic consulting session; it’s a dedicated time where our passion meets your vision. Drawing from years of expertise, we’re here to guide, reassure, and inspire, ensuring every idea and insight we provide can be executed flawlessly by you.

Take the leap towards a more beautiful, functional, and personalized home. Book your Strategy Session today and let’s craft a home story that’s uniquely yours.