Custom Window Treatments & Window Shades

Morris Lare offers a full range of custom window treatment and window shade products in the Des Moines Metro and for our full-service clients throughout the United States.

We specify window shades in a variety of styles and budget ranges. Custom window treatments play a critical role in the design of most spaces for both a functional and aesthetic purposes. We design, specify, and install the following types of window treatments and shades for your home:

Preferred Brands

Motorized Window Shades

Motorized window shades sport many benefits over manually operated shades. Cord free shades are safer for pets and children and soon to be a mandated industry standard. Hardwired shades (typically available only on new construction) never need charging and run on low voltage; while rechargeable shades can run off a single charge for up to six months. They seamlessly raise and lower and can programmed to operate at specific times of day such as sunrise and sunset even when you are away from home.

All of the brands we specify offer various types of motorization. Most shades can be operated via remote or via an app on your tablet or phone and can tie into smart home systems, Google, and Alexa.

Custom Draperies & Drapery Hardware

two-story formal living room in transitional style, light neutral decor, blue chair, drapery panels layered over roller shades, simple fireplace mantle with tv above, by Morris Lare, Des Moines Iowa Interior Designers

In addition to window shades and shutters, we also design, fabricate, and install custom draperies as well as custom Roman shades, valances, and other decorative window treatments.

Draperies can be purely aesthetic, helping to make a small window feel taller or wider, but they can also be functional by adding an extra layer of light control and acoustical relief. From modern and minimal traversing panels to pleated and traditional draperies, we can design the draperies of your dreams to enhance your space.

Custom drapery hardware requires careful consideration and is a crucial element to any drapery design. Proper specification and installation is a must. We proudly specify Kirsch drapery hardware in addition to other high quality designer hardware brands.

Morris Lare partners with local workrooms in the Des Moines area to transform our vision for your draperies into reality. We work with seasoned installers to measure for, advise on, and hang your new draperies or treatments for a seamless white-glove experience from start to finish.

Our Window Treatment Process

Step 1: The Phone Call

Every new client relationship begins with our complementary phone call. The goal of this call is to understand your window treatment needs, timeline, and budget. We’ll explain more about our process and how we can seamlessly guide you through specifying, ordering, and installing your window shades and draperies.

Step 2: The Consultation

Our initial consultation for window treatments is an in-home exploratory meeting that gives us the opportunity to meet with you in person, understand your goals, and the requirements for your shades based your home’s architecture and characteristics.

We gather all of the information we need and initial measurements to prepare our initial quotes and budgets for your project.

Step 3: Inital Quotes & Budgets

After the consultation, we send you a written proposal outlining the scope of work for your project including our design fees and your level of investment for the project. Our business model is based on a flat fee investment for the creative portion of your project, hourly project oversight to see the project through to completion, and a minimum investment with our firm for furnishings, lighting, window treatments, and/or other design elements.

Step 4: Final Measurements

Once we have agreed upon a budget, style of shade, and scope for your custom window treatment project, we schedule our installer to walk through your home with us and take final measurements. They advise on all the technical aspects of the project to ensure a seamless and worry free installation.ote

Step 5: Procurement

After we receive final measurements, we prepare a quote for your window treatments, shipping, receiving, delivery and installation.

Our procurement manager places all the necessary orders, coordinates with the workroom, and tracks all shipments. Once all of the necessary items are on hand, we contact you to schedule the installation.

Step 6: Installation

Our team works with the installer at your home to ensure all of your custom window shades and draperies are properly installed. We resolve any on site issues or make a plan to do so. If you have purchased motorized shades, we walk you through their operation and help you set up the app on your phone or tablet.

Ready to get started with your custom window treatments?