New Custom Home Build Des Moines, Iowa. Designed by Morris Lare Interior Design. Traditional Neutral Living Room with Limestone Mantle

New Custom Home Interior Design

Imagine a home-building experience that’s as enjoyable, inspiring, and heartwarming as the life you’ll live within its walls. This is the journey we offer when you choose to design your new custom home with Morris Lare. Here, we turn the daunting into the delightful, guiding you with professionalism, decades of experience, creativity and excitement. Every decision becomes a step towards crafting a home that’s a genuine reflection of your dreams and the setting for your happiest memories yet to come.

Begin with the Heart of the Home: The Architectural Plan Review

The journey to your dream home begins with a solid foundation, and this starts with your construction plans. At Morris Lare, we understand that a well-designed plan is the bedrock of your new custom home build. We believe in an architecture-first approach to designing spaces – looking at spaces creatively and with a focus on form that follows function. Our architectural plan review process is meticulous and thorough. We analyze your plans with a fine-tooth comb, considering them from the inside out to look beyond the basics.

Crucial elements like cabinetry layouts, furniture placement, ceiling plans, and architectural details can be overlooked by architects and especially in stock plans. These are the critical characteristics that transform a house into a well-designed, timeless home. Skipping this step in the custom home build process can lead to major regrets down the road.

Your Journey to Design Clarity

Building a home comes with a myriad of choices, and we understand just how overwhelming that can be. We specialize in simplifying this complexity for you. Our team narrows down the thousands of options for each selection and guides you through each choice, ensuring your home reflects your unique taste and lifestyle. From selecting the perfect materials to choosing the right color palette, we ensure every detail contributes to creating a home that feels cohesive, unified, and uniquely you.

Discovering Your Unique Style

Finding your true aesthetic amidst a sea of options can be overwhelming. Early in our journey together, we conduct an in-depth inspiration review and distill your collected images into a clear, cohesive style. We expand on your ideas from our wealth of design inspiration collected over years of studying interiors to create a comprehensive design concept. This concept guides every decision we’ll make together, ensuring a home that’s not only beautiful but a true reflection of your personal taste.

coffee bar with gray blue cabinetry and black countertops, brass hardware

Budget for Your New Build with Confidence

Navigating the financial aspects of building a home can be daunting. Builders and contractors often underestimate material and selection costs, which can lead to unpleasant surprises during the design process. We partner with your custom home builder to create accurate budget worksheets and allowances based on previous projects and our wealth of experience. We help you decide where to invest for the highest quality and impact, and where to save.

Exclusive Access to Unique Materials and Designs

Your home should stand out, reflecting your unique personality and style. We provide exclusive access to a wide range of materials, finishes, lighting, and hardware that go beyond local showrooms. This access empowers you to create a home that is distinct and far from the ordinary builder-grade designs. We open doors to a world of possibilities, ensuring your home is uniquely personalized to your taste.

Des Moines new custom build designed by Morris Lare, built by K&V Custom Homes, kitchen cabinets Sherwin-Williams Grays Harbor with Sea Pearl Quartzite

Custom Cabinetry & Millwork Design

Cabinetry and millwork are more than just functional elements; they are the soul of your home’s design, adding to and enhancing the architecture of your space. With over twenty years of experience designing cabinetry, we can be an expert guide as you work with a cabinet showroom, offering a second set of eyes to guarantee you get the best result possible.

Or we can fully design your custom cabinetry in-house from start to finish for fabrication by our trusted tradespeople right here in Des Moines and Central Iowa. When we take the lead on your cabinetry design, we consider every detail of how it integrates with other millwork details like trim, moldings, and wainscot to ensure the highest quality of craftsmanship and design.

Visualizing your Dream Home

Seeing is believing, especially when it comes to your dream home. For clients who need to see how all their design decisions come together in order to move forward with confidence, we offer 3D perspectives and walkthroughs. This clarity and foresight are invaluable to the decision making process, assuring you that every element of your home harmonizes to create a space that is both charming and functional.

A Seamless Procurement Experience

Building a home involves countless details and decisions, especially when it comes to ordering products. Let us manage all of the tedious minutiae for you. We offer an all-inclusive procurement service, handling every detail of sourcing and delivering items for your home. From tile and rugs to lighting and window treatments, we make the process seamless and stress-free, allowing you to focus on the joy of seeing your home come to life.

traditional kitchen, white cabinetry, medium oak island, marble look countertops, by Morris Lare Interior Design, Des Moines Iowa Interior Designers

Creating a Legacy of Memories

At Morris Lare, we understand that your home is the setting for future memories and cherished gatherings. We are committed to crafting functional and comfortable spaces that reflect your personal taste and style. A home where friends and family gather, and where each thoughtfully considered detail resonates with your life’s evolving needs.

To start your journey towards creating a timeless, charming, and functional new custom built home, reach out for a discovery call and a complimentary consultation with Jillian & Alicia.